4th Online Tournament was held in Brazil

4th Online Tournament in draughts-64 (Brazilian draughts) was held in Brazil from 05/12/2017 to 05/01/2018.

116 players from various regions of Brazil and 2 players from other countries (Juma Rashid from Tanzania and Brahin from Algeria) took part in competition.

As far as we know, this was the biggest Online Tournament ever realized in Brazil.

There were 9 rounds over 1 month of competition after that the top 8 players disputed the Qualifiers in ¼ finals, ½ finals and final.

4th Online Tournament – Table

The Champion of tournament became the player Orlando Vieira who defeated the player Franco Alexandre in the Final. Allan Machado Araújo became third.

The Tournament was organized by a Commission of 8 people where each had a responsibility.

The arbitrators used Swiss Perfect to organize the tournament, a group on Whatsapp to publish the rounds / results and answer questions of the players and the site playok to play the games with “Flying Draughts”.

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