6th Stage of World Cup – International competition “Israel-2016”

1558612556th Stage of World Cup – International competition “Israel-2016” was held in Haifa (Israel) from November 25 (day of arrival) to December 1, 2016.

Competitions was held with the support of the Foundation for Assistance for development of Draughts Sports “Russian Draughts.”


Information about competition

Information about competition

International Draughts Federation (IDF) and Israeli Draughts Federation in accordance with the Calendar of the competitions in 2016 hold in Haifa (Israel) 6th Stage of World Cup 2016 in draughts-64 – International competition “Israel-2016”.

Place, date

Competitions will be held in the hotel “Sea Plaza” at Haifa, Str. Sderot Bat Galim 6, from November 25 (day of arrival) to December 1, 2016.

Travel: from the airport “Ben Gurion” by train to stop Bat Galim in Haifa and then 10 minutes’ walk to the hotel.

Program of competitions

Following competitions are held:
6th Stage of World Cup. Blitz
6th Stage of World Cup. Classic program


All participants regardless of gender, age and rating are allowed to participate in the 6th Stage of World Cup, who registered in accordance with this regulation and paid the tournament fee. The number of participants representing the country is not limited.

Participants must comply with the dress code.

Participants must to be on the closing ceremony of the competition, in breach of the item participants lose all official awards. Awards will not be sent or transferred.

All participants must have medical insurance for the period of the competition.

Tournament regulations

Competitions are held according to the official rules of the IDF.

System of competition is Swiss in 8-9 rounds depending on the number of participants. All tournaments are held by the system of micro-matches consist of two games.

Blitz is held with the draw of moves (150 positions), in accordance with the table approved 05.05.2016.

Classic program is held with the draw of the initial moves and positions in accordance with the table of approved 14.09.2008.

Time control:
Blitz: 3’ till the end of the game plus 2” on each move;
Classic program: 20’ till the end of the game plus 10” on each move.

Determination of the winners

Places of players are determined by the biggest amounts of points. In case of equal points of two or more participants the additional criteria are established by the panel of judges according to the official rules of the IDF.


The prize fund of 6th Stage of World Cup is at least $ 2,000.

Prizes are paid for highest classifications, the best woman, the best veteran (60+), the best junior and other prizes according to organizers decision. Additional awards will be announced by organizers at the opening ceremony.

The winner of 6th Stage of World Cup in classic program automatically receives the international title “International Master”. Participants, who took 2nd and 3rd places, receive the international title of “IDF Master”.

Participants of 6th Stage of World Cup get points in the overall standing of the World Cup in accordance with the Regulations of the World Cup 2016 in draughts-64.


All costs of participants are paid by sending organizations or yourself.
The costs for organizing the competition and paid by the Organizing Committee.

Tournament fees

Each participant of the competitions should pay organizational tournament fee at the day of arrival:

  • 60 Euro for adult;
  • 50 Euro for women, veterans 60+, youth 23 year and younger.

Participants, who have paid the entry fee, are allowed to participate in all programs.

Accommodation and meals

The cost of accommodation is $ 40 per person per night. Accommodation is in 3-bed and 4-bed rooms, breakfast included.


Applications for participation should be submitted no later than November 15, 2016 to the IDF office on e-mail: [email protected]
and to Israeli Draughts Federation office:
Ganopolsky Dmitry [email protected], tel. +972 504905167, skype: legenda052981
Yuri Kirillov       [email protected], tel. +972 527544858, skype: gamlet347


For all issues related to the participation in the competition, you need to apply to the IDF office on e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

For all issues related to booking of accommodation and travel to the place of competition you need to apply to the Israel Draughts Federation office at:
Ganopolsky Dmitry [email protected], tel. +972 504905167, skype: legenda052981
Yuri Kirillov       [email protected], tel. +972 527544858, skype: gamlet347

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winners30-11-2016  Closing ceremony took place at 19.00. Representatives of the mayor’s office in Haifa and the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Israel, as well as former world champion, International Grandmaster Markiel Fazylov were present at the closing ceremony.

30-11-2016 In the last 8th round of the stage of World Cup Zhanna Sarshaeva play draw with representative of Belarus Michael Semianiuk and Andrey Gnelitsky won Israeli representative Dmitry Ganopolsky.

Thus, Andrey Gnelitsky (Russia) became the winner of the stage of World Cup with a score of 13 points.
European champion 2016 among women Zhanna Sarshaeva (Russia) with 12 points is on second place.
International Grandmaster, Asian champion Alisher Artikov (Uzbekistan) with 11 points is on third place. He has the best coefficient in the division of seats with Belarusian players Michael Semianiuk and Dmitry Nemets.

According to the results of the competition were awarded the 6 best players and  additionally summed up among women, veterans and juniors born in 1997 and younger.

1. Zinaida Aleksandrova (Israel)
2. Ekaterina Ivanova (Russia)
3. Yakubovich Yana (Belarus)

1. Ganopolsky Dmitry (Israel)
2. Tashtemirov Abdukadyr (Uzbekistan)
3. Boris Druzhinin (Lithuania)

Juniors born in 1997 and younger:
1. Andrei Usmanov (Russia)
2. Kirill Dublin (Russia)
3. Yury Prokopenko (Russia)

30-11-2016  In the 7th round Zhanna Sarshaeva and Andrey Gnelitsky won their games and with the result of 11 points led the standings. Alisher Artikov lost Michael Semianiuk and moved to third place of standings. Winners of the tournament are determined in the 8th round in pairs Semeniuk-Sarshaeva and Ganopolsky-Gnelitsky.

artikov29-11-2016  Three rounds of the classical program was held today. After 6 rounds with a score of 10 points from 12 lead international grandmaster from Uzbekistan Alisher Artikov . The victory in the fifth round of the International Master Dmitri Melnikov allowed him to lead the standings. On the second and third place of standings are International Grandmaster Zhanna Sarshaeva and International Master Andrey Gnelitskiy.

There are still two rounds of intense struggle.

28-11-2016  Free day is on the tournament today. Participants went at a bus trip to Jerusalem. See photo HERE

gnelitskiy27-11-2016  Сlassical program started today. 27 players from Israel, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Lithuania take part in the competitions. Competitions are held on the Swiss system in 8 rounds with the draw of the initial moves and positions in accordance with the table approved 14.09.2008.

Three rounds of the classical program are held today. After three rounds with a perfect result lead International Master from Russia Andrei Gnelitsky and International Grandmaster Alisher Artikov (Uzbekistan). International Master Ruslan Peshcherov and International Grandmaster Zhanna Sarshaeva have 5 points from 6.

26-11-2016  Standings in the World Cup in blitz game after 6 stages updated. See standings  HERE

WorldCup-2016_logo26-11-2016  6th Stage of the World Cup 2016 – International competition “Israel 2016” started today. Opening ceremony was held at 12.00 and Blitz started at 13.00.

34 players from Israel, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Lithuania took part in the competition.

Blitz  program of the World Cup for the first time  was held at the new table of draw (150 position), which was used in the European Draughts-64 Championship 2016 among women.

sarshaeva-1European Champion 2016 among women in the classic program and Rapid, International Grandmaster Zhanna Sarshaeva won a landslide victory in the tournament. She scored 17 points out of 18, making only one draw!

The second place took International Master Dmitri Abarinov (both Russia). International Master Michael Semianyuk (Belarus) is in the third position.

Winners of Blitz among women:
1. Yana Yakubovich (Belarus) 2. Mariia Kriskevich (Russia) 3. Valeria Karmanova (Russia).

Winners of Blitz among veterans:
1. Yuri Kirillov 2. Yacob Shaus 3. Dmitry Ganopolsky (all Israel)

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