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Results of the World Cup 2016 announced

World Cup 2016 consists from 7 stages, which took place in Portugal, Italy, France, Israel and Russia. The final stage – World Cup Final was held in St. Petersburg (Russia) from 10 to 17 December.

More than 260 players from 38 countries (Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Angola, Armenia, Belarus, Hungary, Vietnam, Ghana, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Congo (DR), Congo (BR), Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Morocco, Moldova, Mongolia, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United States, Uzbekistan, Estonia, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Sri Lanka) took part in all stages of the 2016 world Cup year

As part of the World Cup was held competitions in international draughts-64 (Russian version), Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian draughts.

In accordance with Regulation of the World Cup 2016, the results summed up in two categories:

1. World Cup (Classic + Rapid program)
2. World Cup (Blitz program)

In each category were determined winners among men, women, juniors born in 1997 and younger, the best veteran of 60+.

Awarding of winners in all categories was held at the closing ceremony of the World Cup Final in St. Petersburg.

WORLD CUP WINNERS (classic + Rapid program)

World cup

1. IGM   Tsinman Dmitry (Russia)
2. IGM  Skrabov Vladimir (Russia)
3. IM     Gnelitsky Andrey (Russia)
4. IM     Melnikov Dmitry (Russia)
5. IM     Rysaev Damir (Russia)
6. WIGM Sarshaeva Zhanna (Russia)


1. WIM   Ivanova Ekaterina (Russia)
2. WFM  Streltsova Svetlana (Russia)
3. WFM  Filipenko Anna (Russia)

Juniors born in 1997 and younger

1. IM    Semianiuk Michael (Belarus)
2. FM  Dublin Kirill (Russia)
3. FM  Prokopenko Iurii (Russia)

Best Veteran 60+

FM   Lond Dmitry (Russia)              

                         WORLD CUP WINNERS (Blitz program)

World Cup

1. IGM  Tsinman Dmitry (Russia)
2. IGM  Skrabov Vladimir (Russia)
3. IM     Gnelitsky Andrey (Russia)


1. WIM   Ivanova Ekaterina (Russia)
2. WFM  Filipenko Anna (Russia)
3. WFM  Streltsova Svetlana (Russia)

Juniors born in 1997 and younger

1. IM    Rysaev Damir (Belarus)
2. FM   Semianiuk Michael (Belarus)
3. FM   Prokopenko Iurii (Russia)

Best Veteran 60+

IGM   Abatsiev Nikolay (Russia)                                    

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