Estonian men’s and women’s championships completed

From April 4 to 7, 2019 in the city of Tartu (Estonia), the 71st Estonian Championship among men and the 63rd Estonian Championship among women in Russian draughts were held. The men’s championship was open. Except for Estonians two representatives of Russia took part in it. The winner of the men’s championship was an international master from Russia Kalachnikov Andrey. The international grandmaster Uutma Arno became the Estonian men’s champion. Master of Sports Unnuk Argo took 2nd place, Väärtnõu Urmas was the third.
In women, the experienced Wiirma Piret became the Estonian women’s champion. She won an additional match against Kuusik Karmen, who finished on 2nd place. Two players took third place – multiple Estonian champion Vainonen Kaari and young Estonian champion of last year Jalg Merilii.

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