Chapichev Memorial – 5th Stage of World Cup

EupatoriaInternational competition memory Chapichev-5th Stage of  World Cup in draughts-64 was held in Eupatoria, Ukraine, from September 16, (arrival day) till September 23, 2012. 24 participants take part in competitions. Sergey Belosheyev won 5th Stage of  World Cup. See results.   


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Assembly of the Section-64 FMJD

Assembly of the Section-64 FMJD was held in Evpatoria (Ukraine) September 14, 2012 during the World Championships among youth and veterans. Delegates from nine national federations, members of the Executive Board and the Technical Committee of the Section-64 took part in the Assembly. (more…)

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World Youth Championship under 24

EupatoriaWorld Youth Championship under 24 years in draughts-64 ended. Egorov Vladimir (Russia) and Galyaga Alina (Ukraine) won blitz tournament. Egorov Vladimir (Russia) and Motrichko Victoria (Ukraine) won rapid. Egorov Vladimir (Russia) and Julia Zhuravskaya (Russia) won classic program. See results. (more…)

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