Estonian Draughts-64 Championship

Estonian Draughts-64 Championships 2014 among men and women (Russian draughts) took place from 23 to 26 of January 2014. Championships were held by system of micro-matches, time control: 45 minutes per game + 30 seconds per move. Uutma Arno and Vainonen Kaari became champions. (more…)

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Statement of Russian Draughts Federation

February 17, 2014 Russian Draughts Federation sent  Statement to the FMJD and countries in support of Statement of Belarusian Draughts Federation to FMJD from February 10, 2014. Statement BDF see HERE. In response on the letter from BDF the President of Brazilian federation Marcos once again writed inadequate answer. We do not publish it here for ethical reasons. Russian Draughts Federation and many countries believe that leadership FMJD should take very serious action on this case and others perhaps even until the suspension of membership of the Brazilian Draughts Federation in FMJD. (more…)

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