Olympic torch relay in Kazan

Olympic torch relay continues its procession all over Russia. Master of Sports of Russia, a multiple draughts champion of Russia among visually impaired people Gataullina Eldyz became a participant the Olympic torch relay in Kazan, December 30, 2013.


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Christmas puzzle from Harm Wiersma

6 times world champion Harm Wiersma published Christmas puzzle (together  with chess and bridge) in the largest Newspaper of the Netherlands. In the draughts column a lot of “64” positions. All fans of draughts invited to participate in solving this Christmas puzzle. The newspaper give 5 prizes for good solutions of 100 Euro each.  Please send your solution as soon as possible (more…)

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Czech Draughts

President of the Czech Draughts Federation Václav Křišta sent information about events on draughts-64 in the Czech Republic in 2013. (more…)

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