Final of World Cup-International competitions memory V. Sokov

International Draughts Federation IDF in accordance with the Calendar of the competitions in 2017 conducted from 2nd December (day of arrival) to 10th December (departure day), 2017 in St. Petersburg (Russia) Final of World Cup 2017 in draughts-64 – International competitions memory Vasily Sokov. Competitions were held with the support of the Foundation for Assistance for development of Draughts Sports “Russian Draughts.” International grandmaster Sergei Belosheev won Blitz. Dmitry Tsinman won classic program. See results of the World Cup Final and Youth tournament.

Invitation for  World Cup Final      Invitation for All-Russian youth competitions

Sponsor of the final stage of the World Cup is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies “NPF Materia Medica Holding”

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World Cup Final       Classic program       Blitz

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09-12-2017 At the end of the World Cup Final, the results of the 2017 World Cup were summed up. Vladimir Skrabov became the winner of the World Cup in both programs. Results:

Blitz program

Men:  1. Vladimir Skrabov 2. Dmitry Tsinman 3. Sergey Belosheev
Women:  1. Anna Filipenko
Juniors:  1. Dmitry Melnikov

Classic program

Men:  1. Vladimir Skrabov  2. Dmitry Tsinman  3. Arunas Norvaishas
Women:  1. Svetlana Streltsova
Juniors:  1. Dmitry Melnikov

09-12-2017 The World Cup Final 2017 in draughts-64 is completed. In the last round, Dmitry Tsinman and Vladimir Skrabov completed their games in a draw, and the young master of sports Nikita Volkov sensationally won against experienced grandmaster Arunas Norvaishas. These three players scored 13 points and the coefficient placed them in the following order: Dmitry Tsinman took 1st place, Vladimir Skrabov took 2nd place, Nikita Volkov became the third.

In women, Russian women’s 2017 champion Olga Balukova confidently took first place, Anastasia Barysheva is on second place, Kristina Vatolina is in third place.

In Juniors, Dmitry Melnikov became first, Kirill Bukreev is on second place, Ivan Ilyasov became the third. Experienced veteran Vladimir Merkin became the best among veterans.

In the youth tournament, young Vladislav Mironov (2009 year born) won. The winners of the youth tournament in their age were:


2001-2003    Pauk A.  (HMAO)
2004-2006    Shinkorenko A.  (St. Petersburg)
2007-2008    Abramov M.  (Bryansk region)
2009 and younger    Mironov V.  (Moscow region)


2001-2003    Ilmenskaya D.  (St. Petersburg)
2004-2006    Nikiforova D.  (St. Petersburg)
2007-2008    Veselova D.  (St. Petersburg)
2009 and younger    Alekseeva M.  (Kirov)

08-12-2017 Today, the eighth round of the classic program was held, and at 15.30 the participants of the competition went for a sightseeing bus tour around St. Petersburg.

After eight rounds of the World Cup Final Dmitry Tsinman and Vladimir Skrabov are in the lead. They have 12 points each. 7 players have 11 points: Arunas Norvaishas, Evgeny Kondrachenko, Sergei Belosheev, Ivan Tokusarov, Nikita Volkov, Andrey Valyuk and Olga Balukova, who made a draw in rounds 7 and 8 in games with international grandmasters Arunas Norvaishas and Ivan Tokusarov.

Pairs of the last tour in the leading group: Tsinman – Belosheev; Skrabov – Valyuk; Norvaishas – Volkov; Tokusarov – Kondrachenko; Balukova – Melnikov.

06-12-2017 After six rounds of the classic program of the World Cup Final with the result of 10 points, International grandmaster Dmitry Tsinman is in the lead. 6 participants have 9 points: Arunas Norvayshas, Sergei Susidko, Evgeny Kondrachenko, Vladimir Skrabov, Ivan Tokusarov and Olga Balukova, the young women’s 2017 champion of Russia among women.

These players will fight for the medals of the World Cup Finals in the remaining three rounds.

05-12-2017 Tonight, after the end of the game round, took place an evening of memory of a young grandmaster from St. Petersburg Dmitry Abaranov, who died prematurely after a serious illness in November 2017. Today he would be 25 years old. Dmitry Abaranov from a young age successfully played at the draughts competition of the highest level and was for many participants of the World Cup a good friend, a rival who has the reputation of an acute and uncompromising player.

Participants of the World Cup, along with relatives and friends of Dmitry Abaranov recalled the events connected with him from draughts life. It was decided to hold an annual tournament in St. Petersburg dedicated to the memory of the young grandmaster, leader of the Petersburg draughts of recent years.

04-12-2017 After three rounds international grandmasters Arunas Norvaishas and Dmitry Tsinman are in the lead in the classic program of World Cup Final. Arunas Norvaishas scored an important victory in the third round over the multiple world champion, the winner of the Blitz program Sergei Belosheev.

International master Anastasia Barysheva (Belarus) leads in the standings among women.

03-12-2017  In Blitz program of the World Cup Final, the international grandmasters are ahead: Sergei Belosheev became the winner with a score of 16 points, Vladimir Skrabov took second place, Ivan Tokusarov is on the third place.

International master Ekaterina Ivanova became the best among women, international master Dmitry Melnikov is the best among juniors 1998 and younger, international grandmaster Nikolai Abatsiev is the best among veterans.

03-12-2017  World Cup Final 2017 – International competitions memory V. Sokov in draughts-64 started today. Opening ceremony of the competition took place at 12.00. Classic program of World Cup Final and in the Youth tournament started at.13.00. Youth tournament has the status of All-Russian competitions. Blitz program of the World Cup Final started at 17.30.

Competitions in both World Cup programs are held on a Swiss system in 9 rounds, according to the system of micro matches from 2 games with draws moves and positions (745 positions). Time control is 45 ‘+ 10″ in classic program and 3’+ 2″ in Bllitz.

In the youth tournament, the competitions are held according to the Swiss system in 8 rounds, according to the system of micro matches from 2 games in the classic Russian draughts with separate set-offs for boys and girls in the age groups 2001-2003, 2004-2006, 2007-2008, 2009 and younger. Time control is 45′ for each participant until the end of the game. Team standing is determined in the youth competitions. The composition of teams is 3 boys and 1 girl.

98 players from 19 countries take part in Blitz program. See current results.

01-12-2017 December 3, in St. Petersburg, in the premises of the SDYUSSHOR for chess and draughts (famous Chigorin club), will start the Final of the World Cup 2017 in draughts-64. Competitions are held with the support of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg and the Foundation for the Promotion of Draughts Sports “Russian Draughts”.

The sponsor of the final stage of the World Cup is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies “NPF Materia Medica Holding”.

The final stage of the World Cup, which summarizes the year and awards the winners of the all World Cup 2017 is traditionally held in December in St. Petersburg.

Why the final stage is held in St. Petersburg?

In St. Petersburg for many years, there has been a traditional international tournament in memory of the outstanding Leningrad player, champion of the USSR Vasily Sokov, who died in 1944 in battles near Narva. This tournament, as well as the international tournament “White Nights”, is the visiting card of the draughts St. Petersburg and regularly gathers the strongest players from different countries. Since 2010, the tournament has received the status of the World Cup Final.

Many of the world’s strongest players will take part in the competition. Among them are international grandmasters, champions of the world of different years Sergey Belosheev and Murodullo Amrillaev (Russia), Arunas Norvayshas (Lithuania), Andrey Valyuk (Belarus), prize winners of European championships Evgeny Kondrachenko (Belarus) and Ivan Tokusarov (Russia), World Cup winners of different years Vladimir Skrabov and Dmitry Tsinman (Russia); winners and prize-winners of the World Cup stages, international masters: Andrey Gnelitsky from Kazan, Dmitry Melnikov and Ekaterina Ivanova from St. Petersburg, as well as a prize-winner of world championships, multiple world and European champion among veterans, international grandmaster Nikolai Abatsiev from Moscow.

Simultaneously with the final stage of the World Cup, there will be All-Russian competitions among boys and girls in 4 age groups: up to 17, 14, 11 and 9 years.

This is also a long tradition of draughts St. Petersburg, when very young talented children play near the legends of draughts sport and learn to play on the games of the strongest players of the world.

Vasily Sokov
Vasily Sokov

24-09-2017 2nd December 2017 in St. Petersburg State budget educational institution of additional education “SDYUSSHOR in Chess and Draughts” at St. Petersburg, Russia, Bolshaya Konyushennaya str., 25  starts Final of World Cup 2017 in draughts-64 – International competitions memory Vasily Sokov.

Vasily Sokov, champion of the USSR 1938-41′s, was born December 26, 1912 in Yaroslavl region, died March 3, 1944 in the Battle of Narva. Most of his life he lived in Leningrad. Vasily Sokov was a very strong player, magician of draughts, the founder of the progressive Soviet school of draughts art, consummate theorist and innovator, humble and helpful people – so he will remain forever in the hearts of lovers of our folk game.

International draughts tournament memory Vasily Sokov for many years are held in St. Petersburg as a tribute to the memory of a champion.

This year in December marks the 105th anniversary of the birth of the legendary draughts player.

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