Championships of Kazakhstan in draughts-64


Championships of Kazakhstan in draughts-64 among men, women, youth under 23 years were held in Kaskelen / 15 miles from Almaty / from 26 April to 7 May 2012.  Number of participants: 22 men, 14 women, 18 boys, 14 girls.

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European Youth Championship


Personal-team European Youth Championship in draughts-64 was held in  Borisov region, Belarus, from April 27, (arrival day) till May 05, 2012. 160 players from 9 countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Ukraine) participated in the Championship.

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1st Polish Youth Mind Sport Olympiad

 1st Youth Mind Sport Olympiad was held in Poland from 14 to 21 April 2012. Three disciplines – chess, draughts and bridge, were included in the program of Olympiad. See information about this event on web site,    Photo  

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