2nd unofficial world championship of computer programs

Draughts enthusiast Krzysztof Grzelak (Kornik, Poland) spent from 02 to 12 December 2013 2nd unofficial world championship among computer programs. Tournament ended today. The program “Tornado” is a winner. We congratulate software developer Michail Glizerin with success! Tournament was held in Russian draughts with the drawing of moves and positions (flying draughts). 9 programs was involved. See results HERE

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Calendar of competitions on 2014 updated

Calendar of competitions on 2014 updated. European Men and Women Championship will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, from 17 to 26 October 2014. 5th Stage of World Cup 2014 in draughts-64 will be held in Portugal from 1 to 9 November. See calendar and other updates in section Calendar 2014.

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The e-project «Draughts is a people’s game!»

Internet project «Draughts is a people’s game!» coming to the end. Also suitable for project completion contests “Cheerful draughts” and “Class draughts”. Deadline for work on draughts topic (drawings, stories, logos, photographs, crafts, poems, and other works) for the competition is on November 30. More than 100 participants have already participated in the contest. They sent more (more…)

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Final of the 33º Championship of Portugal

Final of the 33º individual national Championship in Portugal Draughts (Damas Classicas) was played on November 23, 2013 from 10.00 a.m. in the G.D. Jose Ramiro, Lisbon. Manuel Vaz Vieira and Tiago Manuel played for  the 1st place in the Final of 2013. Manuel Vaz Vieira was a champion of Portugal in Damas Classicas 14 times. Tiago Manuel  was the third in the championship 2010.  See the history of the championships HERE.  See current information from event on the site of Portugal Draughts Federation HERE. Tiago Manuel  won! See results and games.


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