World Youth Championship will be held in Bulgaria

Personal-team World Youth Championship in draughts-64 among boys and girls will be held from 22nd August to 1st September 2019 in Sports Complex AqualifeKranevo, Bulgaria. Personal Championship will be held in six age groups in three types of program: classic, blitz and rapid. Team standings in the overall team classification and among teams of boys and girls will be determinated. For the first time during the World Youth Championship, the World Youth Team Championship will be held for boys’ teams and girls’ teams. Regulations published. (more…)

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World Team Championship

International Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the Calendar of the IDF competitions in 2019 holds in Kranevo (Bulgaria) from 25th August (arrival day) to 1st September 2019 (departure day) World Team’s Championship in draughts-64. Competitions will be held separately among men’s and women’s teams in two types of programs: classic and blitz.

Invitation published. (more…)

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World Championship among veterans

International Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the calendar of the competitions in 2019 holds from August 22 till September 01, 2019 in the Sports Complex «Aqualife», Kranevo (Bulgaria) World Championship in draughts-64 among veterans in the age groups: men 60 years and older (1959 year born and older); men 50-59 years old (1969-1959 year born); women 50 years and older (1969 year born and older). Participants on the date of the start of the competition must be fulfilled the required number of years. Championship will be held in the two types of programs: Classic and Blitz.  Invitation published. (more…)

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European Youth Championship 2019 completed

International Draughts Federation (IDF)  in accordance with the Calendar of the competitions in 2019 held from April 26 (arrival day) to May 05, 2019 (departure day) at the Sports Complex “Aqua Life” in Kranevo (Bulgaria) personal-team European Youth Draughts-64 Championship 2019. Championship was held separately for boys and girls in the three types of program: Blitz, Rapid and Classic. Representatives from 12 countries took part in the competition. Championship completed. See the results. (more…)

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