World Youth Championship in Bulgaria completed

Personal-team World Youth Championship in draughts-64 among boys and girls in Bulgaria completed. Competitions were held from 22 to 30 August 2021 in Sports Complex AqualifeKranevo, Bulgaria. Personal Championship was held in six age groups in three types of program: classic, blitz and rapid. Team standings in the overall team classification and classification among teams of boys and girls were determinated. Offset of the World Championship among students was established in the age groups up to 27 and 20 years old. See the results. (more…)

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World Championship among veterans completed

International Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the calendar of the competitions in 2021 held from 20 to 31 August, 2021 in the Sports Complex «Aqualife», Kranevo (Bulgaria) World Championship in draughts-64 among veterans in the age groups: Men 60 years and older (1961 year born and older); Men 50-59 years old (1971-1962 year born); Women 50 years and older (1971 year born and older). Competitions were held in the two types of programs: Classic and Blitz. See the results. (more…)

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World Team Championship in Bulgaria completed

International Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the Calendar of the IDF competitions in 2021 held in Kranevo (Bulgaria) from 24th August (arrival day) to 30th August 2021 (departure day) World Team’s Championship in draughts-64. Competitions were held separately among men’s and women’s teams in two types of programs: classic and blitz.

In Blitz program team of Belarus won in men and team of Moldova won in women. In Classic program teams of Belarus won in men and in women. (more…)

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World Cup in draughts-64-International competitions “Bulgaria-2021”

International Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the calendar of the competitions in 2021 held in Kranevo (Bulgaria) from August 21 (arrival day) till August 27, 2021 (departure day) World Cup 2021 in draughts-64-International competitions “Bulgaria-2021”. Three separate competitions were held:
Blitz. Russian draughts; Blitz. Brazilian draughts; Rapid. Russian draughts.

Aleksandr Shvartsman won Blitz in Russian and Brazilian draughts. Roman Shchukin won Rapid.  (more…)

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The Uzbekistan Team Cup was held in Bukhara

On July 1, in one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia, Bukhara, the Uzbekistan Team Cup in draughts-64 was held. Competitions were held in blitz program.

The composition of the teams was 4 players: 2 men and 2 women. 6 teams took part in the competition. (more…)

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International Grandmaster Ion Dosca won the Moldova Championship 2021

From 7 to 13 June, the National Draughts-64 Championship among men was held in the capital of the Republic of Moldova Chisinau.

International Grandmaster Ion Dosca became the champion of Moldova 2021. He scored 14 points out of 14 and won this title for the 19th time. The second place was taken by the International Grandmaster, ex-world champion among women Elena Scovitina, the third place was taken by the master of sports Nikolai Guba.


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President IDF Vladimir Langin awarded the state award of Russia

On June 10, 2021, the Governor of St. Petersburg Aleksandr Beglov presented the President of the International Draughts Federation (IDF) Vladimir Langin with a high state award of Russia – the Medal of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, 1st degree.

The award was presented for merits in the development of physical culture and sports and many years of conscientious work.

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7th Malawi National Championship was held May 27-30, 2021

Malawi conducted its 7th National Men’s Championship and 1st Women’s Championship at the Simama Hotel in the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe, from 28 to 30 May 2021.

The men’s championship was attended by 48 athletes from all over the country.
9 athletes participated in the women’s championship.

The Malawi champions were Enock Banda in men and Suzeni Kachepa in women.


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