Preliminary calendar of the IDF competitions in 2021 published

Preliminary calendar of the International Draughts Federation (IDF) competitions in 2021 is published HERE. Some events are still being coordinated and will be included in the calendar later. We invite you to participate!

Applications for holding IDF competitions in 2021, for which the venues and dates have not yet been determined, as well as applications for 2022, can be sent to the IDF office on e-mail: [email protected] no later 15 December 2020. (more…)

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Fight Covid-19 African Open Online Championship was held 11th October 2020

The African Draughts Federation (ADF) in conjunction with The International Draughts Federation (IDF) hosted the Fight COVID-19 African Open Online Championship which took place on 11th October 2020 from 13:00pm London time at platform, Russian Room. 96 athletes from 15 countries took part in the competition.

Vyacheslav Varlamov (Russia) became the winner of the online championship. Enock Banda (Malawi) became the African Champion. Alexandrov Zinaida (Israel) was best woman.


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The Estonian Blitz and Rapid Championships were held in Tallinn (Estonia) on October 10 and 11

The Estonian Blitz and Rapid Championships among men and women were held in the capital of Estonia Tallinn on October 10 and 11.

On October 10, the Estonian Blitz Championships were held. 25 men and 6 women participated. The competitions were held according to the Russian version of draughts-64, round robin system, time control 3’+ 2″, in the women’s championship – in two circles. (more…)

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A number of significant draughts events took place in Portugal in September-October

A number of significant draughts events took place in Portugal in September-October 2020.

From September 12 to 20, 2020 Inatel – Luso hosted the 40th Portuguese National Individual Championship in Classic Draughts, the Portuguese Youth Championship and the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Portuguese Draughts Federation.

The winners of the 40th National Individual Championship were: (more…)

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Baltic Cup 2020 in draughts-64 was held in Jõgeva (Estonia)

From 11 to 13 September, the Baltic Cup in draughts-64 was held in Jõgeva (Estonia). 27 best players from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania took part in the competition. Among them are six of the world’s strongest grandmasters and five international masters.

International grandmasters from Lithuania became the winners and prize-winners of this prestigious competition among men:


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Traditional tournaments in Saarbrücken, Germany

From 20 to 22 November 2020 in Saarbrücken (Germany) the following traditional draughts competitions will be held:
a) 11th German Open Championship (November 21 – 22, 2020), Brazilian draughts.
b) 15th International Saarbrücken – Open 100 Draughts Tournament (November 20 – 21, 2020).

The regulations on the competitions published. (more…)

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News online tournaments in Africa

The African Draughts Federation (ADF) is actively involved to host online tournaments for the athletes from African countries.

The African Draughts Federation (ADF) Exclusive Committee at its meeting on 23 August 2020 discussed a number of issues and decided to hold the following online tournaments:

1. The date for African Open Online Championship has been shifted to 11 October 2020. This was done to allow ADF to discuss with potential sponsors the possibility of holding the event at a higher level.

2. ADF has approved a proposal to host the first African Individual Draughts Online League (AIDOL). The rules of the event have been published. The competition will start on September 9th. Registration deadline is September 6th. (more…)

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Online Draughts-64 Tournaments within the framework of the Mind Sports Olympiad 2020 (MSO)

The International Draughts Federation (IDF) held 9 and 16 August 2020 at the online Gambler platform Online Draughts-64 Tournaments within the framework of the Mind Sports Olympiad 2020 (MSO).
For the first time, Draughts-64 were presented at the famous Mind Sports Olympiad 2020 (MSO), which has been held in London since 1997. This year, in connection with the coronavirus the Olympiad was held online.
As part of the Olympiad, 4 online Draughts-64 Tournaments were held: open tournaments and tournaments among boys and girls up to 17 years in Russian and Brazilian draughts with offset by age groups.
The participation of draughts-64 in such a significant and famous Mind Sports Olympiad is very prestigious and will become another step in the promotion of draughts-64 in the world. Results of tournaments within the 2020 Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) have been published. (more…)

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