National championships among men and women held in Latvia

In the capital of Latvia, Riga, the National Draughts-64 Championships among men and women in Classic and Rapid game were held. All championships were held according to the international/Russian version of draughts-64.

The finals of the Latvian championships among men and women were held from January 23 to 26. In each championship, 10 participants played in a Robin Round system with a time control of 30’+ 30″.

The champions of Latvia 2020 were the international grandmaster Guntis Valneris among men and IDF master Regina Pironena among women. (more…)

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European Men and Women Draughts-64 Championship

International Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the calendar of the competitions in 2020 together with Jõgeva Draughts Club and the Estonian Draughts Union holds from September 11 (arrival day) to September 20, 2020 (departure day) in Kuremaa, Jõgeva region (Estonia) personal-team European Draughts-64 Championship among men and women. Competitions are qualifying for the World Championship 2021. Regulations of the Championship published. (more…)

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IDF calendar 2020 updated

In the section Events – Calendar 2020 the updated calendar of competitions for 2020 published. Added calendar of national championships. We ask the national federations to send to the IDF office to March 15, 2020 a list of national championships that are not included in the current IDF calendar of national championships. We remind you that the ratings and norms of international titles are calculated only for tournaments included in the IDF calendar.

See the updated calendar  HERE 

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