4th National Championship of Malawi

4th National Championship of Malawi was held at Chisale Motel, Nchesi Township in the capital city of Malawi, Lilongwe. 32 players who qualified from all regions of Malawi including two Masters Moses Winesi and Enock Makoka Banda participated in the championship. (more…)

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Short report of IDF Board meeting

May 15, 2017 in St. Petersburg was held a meeting of the IDF Board. Short report of the IDF Board meeting see HERE. The rules of the World Team Championship were approved, the preparations for the World Championship 2017 and World Cup stages in Portugal and Italy were discussed, the results of the Asian Championships and the European Youth Championship were approved. Issues of the current activity of the federation, contacts with international organizations were considered.

According to the results of the competition in 2017: the Asian Championship in Tashkent, the European Youth Championship in Orel and the implementation of norms in the various competitions, new international titles been assigned to the next players and arbiters: (more…)

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World Team Championship

International Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the Calendar of the competitions in 2017 holds in Kranevo (Bulgaria) World Team’s Championship in draughts-64. Competition will be held in Sports Complex Aqualife (Kranevo, Bulgaria) from 23th August (day of arrival) to 2nd September (departure day) 2017.

Competitions are held separately among men’s and women’s teams. The composition of teams: men – 3 men + 3 reserve players, women – 2 women + 2 reserve players. (more…)

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Elias Munkondia won Zambian Rapid Championship

The National Rapid Championship of Zambia (pool checkers) was held in the capital of Zambia, Lusaka from 12 to 14 May. 21 player took part in the competition. Players were divided into 3 subgroups A, B and C, then they were distributed according to occupied places in the preliminary stage and continued the struggle for victory in the championship.

Champion of Zambia 2017 in Rapid became the silver prize-winner of the first African championship 2016 in Rapid Elias Munkondia. Kennedy Phiri took second place and Peter Mulenga is on the third place. (more…)

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Lithuanian Team Championship

Lithuanian Team Championship  in draughts-64 was held in Alutis from 13 to 14 May. Six teams took part in the competition. Competitions were held with a draw of moves and positions (table for 745 positions).

The first place took team “Verdene” (Vilnius), which won all the matches. Team was headed by world champion in Rapid, international grandmaster Arunas Norvayshas. The composition of the team included such well-known players as international master Vilius Alekhnavicius and IDF master Anri Plaksij. (more…)

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