Official appeal to the National Draughts Federations

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Официальное обращение президента IDF к национальным федерациям шашек, руководителям, спортсменам, тренерам и всем любителям шашек по итогам проведения секцией русских шашек FMJD  в Нижневартовске (Россия) чемпионата мира по русским среди мужчин и женщин с 25 октября по 3 ноября 2018 года. (more…)

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Barbados World Class Checkers & Draughts Festival

For the first time, the International Draughts Federation (IDF) in the framework of the Barbados World Class Checkers & Draughts Festival, together with the festival organizers, held tournaments in draughts-64. Tournaments in Russian draughts, Pool checkers and Brazilian draughts were held. 23 players from 4 countries: Barbados, Haiti, Germany and Russia took part in competitions. The results were determined in each tournament, as well as in the overall standings of three tournaments. The prize fund of the competition was more than 6000 USD. (more…)

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Review of the European Championship games

Interesting fragments and review of the games  of European Draughts-64 Championship among men and women were sent by international grandmaster Dmitry Tsinman and the main secretary of the Championship Artem Aleshin.

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European Men and Women Championship

International Draughts Federation IDF in accordance with the calendar of the competitions in 2018 together with the Draughts Federation of Bulgaria holds from September 15 (arrival day) to September 24, 2018 (departure day) in Sports complex “Aqua Life”, Kranevo (Bulgaria) personal-team European Draughts-64 Championship 2018 among men and women. Competitions are qualifying for the World Championship 2019. Representatives of 15 European countries take part in the competition.

International grandmasters Arunas Norvaishas (Lithuania) and Elena Scovitina (Moldova) won Blitz program of the European Draughts-64 Championship among men and women respectively. International grandmasters Ihar Mikhalchenka (Belarus) and Elena Scovitina (Moldova) won Rapid. Ihar Mikhalchenka and Vera Khvashchynskaya from Belarus won Classic program. See results.  (more…)

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Appeal of the IDF General Assembly to the Extraordinary General Assembly of the FSHR

September 22, 2018 in Loo, (Sochi, Krasnodar region) will host the extraordinary report-election General Assembly of Draughts Federation of Russia (FSHR), which will be elected the new composition of its leadership.

On behalf of the General Assembly of the International Draughts Federation (IDF) held on 30.08.2018 in Kranevo (Bulgaria), which was attended by delegates from 29 countries, IDF President Vladimir Langin appealed to the forthcoming in Loo FSHR Assembly, to players, coaches, functionaries, organizers and all fans of Russian draughts. (more…)

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